Catch the Next National Professional Fishing League

The National Professional Fishing League is a uniquely different professional bass tour, in that there is no cut to narrow the field for championship day. This means that all 125 competitors compete on all 3 days. Additionally different, is that all weigh-ins will be trailered. This is especially important as it allows for increased sponsor visibility and representation during the live streamed weigh-in process. The schedule is below.

Carper's Fishing

Event 1: Mar. 7–13
Lake: Lake Eufaula, Eufaula, Alabama
Host: City of Eufaula
Launch: Lake Point Marina
Weigh-In Location: Lake Point Marina
Daily Schedule
5 Feb. Restricted Access
14 Feb. Off-Limits
7 Mar. Official Practice Day
8 Mar. Official Practice Day
9 Mar. Official Practice Day
10 Mar. Media/Meeting Day
11 Mar. Competition Day 1
12 Mar. Competition Day 2
13 Mar. Final Day/Championship Saturday

Finished the event in 17th place with a huge 19+ bag on day 3

Event 2: April 18–24
Lake: Wright Patman Texarkana, TX
Host: Bowie County and Texarkana USA Chamber of Commerce
Launch: Sportsman Cove Launch
Weigh-In Location: Off-Site TBA
Daily Schedule
19 Mar. Restricted Access
28 Mar. Off-Limits
18 April Official Practice Day
19 April Official Practice Day
20 April Official Practice Day
21 April Media/Meeting Day
22 April Competition Day 1
23 April Competition Day 2
24 April Final Day/Championship Saturday

Finished the event in 8th place

Event 3: May 30–June 5
Lake: Harris Chain, Leesburg, Florida
Host: The City of Leesburg and Greater Orlando Sports
Launch: Venetian Gardens
Weigh-In Location: Venetian Gardens
Daily Schedule
30 April Restricted Access
9 May Off-Limits
30 May Official Practice Day
31 May Official Practice Day
1 June Official Practice Day
2 June Media/Meeting Day
3 June Competition Day 1
4 June Competition Day 2
5 June Final Day/Championship Saturday

Finished in 54th place

Event 4: July 11–17
Lake: Pickwick Lake, Hardin County Tennessee
Host: City Of Counce and Hardin County
Launch: Pickwick Landing State park
Weigh-In Location: Pickwick Landing State park
Daily Schedule
11 June Restricted Access
20 June Off-Limits
11 July Official Practice Day
12 July Official Practice Day
13 July Official Practice Day
14 July Media/Meeting Day
15 July Competition Day 1
16 July Competition Day 2
17 July Final Day/Championship Saturday

Finished in 37th place

The National Professional Fishing League Championship

Lake and date to be determined

Event 5: Aug 15–21
Lake: Lake Winnebago Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Host: Oshkosh Convention and Visitors Bureau
Launch: Menomomi Park
Weigh-In Location: Menomomi Park
Daily Schedule
16 July Restricted Access
25 July Off-Limits
15 Aug. Official Practice Day
16 Aug. Official Practice Day
17 Aug. Official Practice Day
18 Aug. Media/Meeting Day
19 Aug. Competition Day 1
20 Aug. Competition Day 2
21 Aug. Final Day/Championship Saturday

Finished up in 67th place

Event 6: Sept 26–Oct 2
Lake: Grand Lake Grove, Oklahoma
Host: The City of Grove Oklahoma and GRDA
Launch: Wolf Creek Landing
Weigh-In Location: Wolf Creek Landing
Daily Schedule
27 Aug. Restricted Access
5 Sept. Off-Limits
26 Sept. Official Practice Day
27 Sept. Official Practice Day
28 Sept. Official Practice Day
29 Sept. Media/Meeting Day
30 Sept. Competition Day 1
1 Oct. Competition Day 2
2 Oct. Final Day/Championship Saturday